What to expect

Different kinds of people like different kinds of travel. Think of this as the Tinder section of this website... are we a good match? Before you sign-up, I think it's only fair to you to know what to anticipate and what is expected if we adventure together. 

While every trip includes down time for you to rest and relax, most days will include one or two activities. Some of these will involve physical exertion- these could include hiking, snorkeling, adventures with lots of walking, etc. So please read the trip's itinerary and be sure you feel it's right for you.

Anywhere we travel, we consider ourselves a guest. This means that how our local guides or staff at a facility (honestly just any local!) is treated is very important to us. Everyone should be treated with respect. It's that golden rule thing we all learned as kids. I ask all participants to never take photos of local's faces without asking and to never act in any way that you wouldn't want someone visiting your own space to act.

When we come into any new area and new culture, I want us to take the posture of someone who is learning. Every piece of the world has something to teach us. Come ready to have fun, but also ready to absorb the culture without judgement. Rude remarks about the people or the culture are just uncool and have no place on our trips.

We plan to have a lot of FUN! Come ready to adventure, eat incredible local food, learn about a new culture, and make some new friends.